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Budget Saving Program

Annual Membership Program for No Insured
or High Deductible Insured Patients

What Includes?

  • Unlimited access to office visits service for minor illnesses and minor injuries

  • Rapid lab tests inside the clinic for sick visits (strep, mono, flu, etc) limited 2 times/year

  • X-ray( $200 value)

  • Free Annual wellness check up with blood test( Comprehensive metabolic panel, Lipid panel, $200 value)

Fee Schedule

Single: $39/month

Couple: $75/month

Family of 3-4: $110/month

Once you enroll and set up the plan payment will be withdrawn automatically every month for a year

If you prefer not to enroll annual membership you can still use our services with one time payment with reasonable price

You can enroll the service on booking page and call if you have more questions

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