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RAPID ANTIGENE TEST  - Result in 30 Minutes

RT-PCR SWAB TEST: Current turnaround time: In 2 days
Please schedule 2 -3 days before your travel
What is COVID-19?
COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The virus can cause mild to severe respiratory illness. Most experts also believe the virus sometimes causes very few or even no symptoms in some people. There is limited information available to characterize clinical illnesses associated with COVID-19, but it likely spreads to others when a person shows signs or symptoms of being sick (e.g., fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, etc.) through respiratory droplets.

What is the COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test?
The test detects antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19 in blood specimens. IgG antibodies are your body’s natural response to most types of infections. IgG usually develops 10-14 days after symptoms begin. An IgG positive result may suggest an immune response to a primary infection with SARS-CoV-2, but the relationship between IgG positivity and immunity to SARS-CoV-2 has not yet been firmly established. We’re also unsure how long IgG remains in your body.

How can I get the test?
Like most medical tests, the antibody test can only be ordered by a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. You’ll need a doctor’s visit or consultation.

Will my insurance cover the doctor’s visit?
Our understanding is that most insurances will cover the cost of the doctor’s consultation – whether in person or through Telehealth. This is not a guarantee. Each individual’s insurance plan will make the final decision. We will submit the “claim” to your carrier on your behalf. Your carrier may assign a copay, coinsurance or deductible to you which we are legally obligated to collect from you after the determination. If the carrier denies your visit as a “non-covered” service, we will charge you our Self Pay rate instead.

Which lab is processing the test and will my insurance cover their fees?
Your sample is being sent to Univeristy of Michigan Mlab or LabCorp. Most insurances have indicated they will cover the cost of the test. This is not a guarantee and each individual’s insurance plan will make the final decision. You may receive a bill from the laboratory for testing services depending on your insurance coverage.

When will I get my result?
Results are expected to take up to 1-2 days and are determined by the lab processing speed – not your doctor. Our office will notify you when we get your results. 

What are the known and potential risks and benefits of the test?
Potential risks include: Possible discomfort or other complications that can happen during sample collection. Possible incorrect test result (see below for more information). Potential benefits include: The results, along with other information, can help your healthcare provider make informed recommendations about your care. The results of this test may help limit the spread of COVID-19 to your family and others in your community.

What does it mean if I have a negative test result?
A negative test result means that the antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 were not found in your sample. However, it is possible for this test to give a negative result that is incorrect (false negative) in some people with prior COVID-19. A negative result may occur if you are tested early in your illness and your body hasn’t had time to produce antibodies to infection. This means that you could possibly still have COVID-19 even though the test is negative.

What does it mean if I have a positive test result?
A positive test result means it is likely that you have previously had COVID-19 and that you have developed an antibody response to the virus. There is also the chance that this test can give a positive result that is wrong (false positive). Positive results could also be due to past or present infection with non-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strains, such as coronavirus HKU1, NL63, OC43, or 229E.

COVID-19 Antibody IgM & G Testing Facts:
This test is EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). 
You must be symptom free for 14 days.
Results are expected to take up to 1 day.
Evaluation by a provider required prior to testing.
Most insurance carriers are covering the evaluation.
There may be a lab fee or copay depending on coverage.
This test requires a blood specimen.




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